Bad Credit Mortgage Options

Mortgage Options For Bad Credit Buyers


Bad credit no longer has to be an obstacle standing in your way to a home loan. Bad credit mortgages are the only way for some people to afford a home, so don’t just assume that if you have poor credit, you are completely out of options because bad credit mortgages do exist. They may be more difficult to search for in comparison to those with good credit; however you just need to know where to look.

What Makes You a Bad Credit Borrower?

Mortgage lenders take a few factors into consideration before determining whether or not you qualify as a bad credit borrower:

Credit score
Amount of loan requested by borrower
Loan requested compared to actual value of home
Debt to income ratio
Once all of these factors are calculated, lenders are able to get a better idea of your financial situation, which in-turn allows them to come to a decision about the mortgage loan as well as ascertain some of the risks that may be involved.

Improve Your Chances for a Successful Bad Credit Mortgage

Not only is getting a bad credit mortgage loan possible in this day and age, but there are also some steps you can take to further ensure success. Try searching for a property that already has some equity built in, as you may have an easier time attaining financing for it. A lender may perceive this equity as compensation for your lack of down payment for the property. In some cases sellers may be willing to carry back a second mortgage on a home; it never hurts to inquire if this is in fact possible. You can always attempt to save up for a down payment beforehand. Although there may be some lenders out there who would qualify you for a 100% financing despite your poor credit score, you would probably have to sacrifice paying a significantly higher interest rate. Making a reasonable down payment would considerably lower your mortgage rate, however if you are unable to save up for a down payment, you could always refinance later down the line for a lower interest rate. Don’t be afraid to shop around, looking for a bad credit mortgage shouldn’t be limited to one lender who may turn you down. Remember that persistence always pays off, especially when it comes to bad credit mortgages. Finally you can always benefit from simply improving your credit score, it’s never too late. There are ways to enhance your credit score without sacrificing your time. Stay on top of your current payments and keep your number of credit inquiries to a minimum as excessive inquiries have a tendency to hurt your credit score. It would also help if you avoid applying for any new credit cards, car loans etc.

Rebuild Your Credit

If you take some time to truly think about it, you’ll realize that you can actually benefit from a bad credit mortgage loan. Instead of concentrating on your bad credit, you can redirect your focus on rebuilding your credit. Making your payments in a timely manner will serve to build up a good payment history for yourself, which you can later use to refinance for a cheaper loan.